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Where Rebellion Meets Raw Vulnerability




multi-genre artist, using


unconventional music to


inspire global audiences.


Jacqriots music echoes the


human experience, inviting

you to break free, embrace


individuality, and join the


riot for self-liberation.


For live dates, click below! Join the community for a chance to hang backstage, and have access to exclusive tickets, and more! 

jacqriot leather.jpg

Live Zoom Sessions

Join the community and be a part of a the movement of authentic expression and liberation. Get a chance to be in live conversations directly with Jacq for inspiration and motivation for your life. This is your safe space, and you have finally found your people who value and cherish others for who they truly are. You will be encouraged to be free to pursue whatever it is your heart is calling you to pursue. Jacqriot is here to help you BE YOU. Freedom and Liberation. Join the "True Liberation" Community!

jacqriot leather.jpg


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